Monday, December 1, 2008

Sorry Bhai (Bollywood)

Director :Onir
Writer :Ashwini Malik(story)
Release Date:28 November 2008(India)
Genre :Romance/Comedy
Language :Hindi

Shabana Azmi as Gayatri
Boman Irani as Nanin
Sharman Joshi as Siddharth
Chitrangada Singh as Aaliyah
Sanjay Suri as Harshvardhan

Abhishek Nailwal
Sunidhi Chauhan
Chayan Adhikari
Nanette Natal

‘Sorry Bhai’ is a complicated love story about a woman who falls in love with the younger brother of a man she is set to marry.
This is a story that happens in an Indian family where the two brothers (Harshvardhan and Siddharth) were really close. As the elder brother (Harshvardhan) got completed his educations he moves out of India and started his business in Mauritius. There he fell in love with a girl Aaliyah. .For their marriage they called their family to Mauritius. As the girl’s parent were already divorced, so they were not coming for the occasion. But Harshvardhan family made it to Mauritius. Then Harshvardhan was not able to give more romantic time with Aaliyah which brought her more nearer to Siddharth. And this twists created a catastrophic situation in the family.
This movie is full with humorous jokes of Boman Irani so would get bored. So just checked out this movie, it’s really a funny romantic movie also find out what happened in the end.